Static Vinyl Artwork Requirements

Artwork should be delivered to RAM Advertising 30-days prior to a scheduled display date. It must include traditional mechanical specifications.

Mechanical Proportion & Scale

   • 1/4” = 1’
   • Digital Resolution at this scale is best at 600dpi.

Digital Specifications

All RAM Advertising Art and Production departments accept digital files on Macintosh formatted CD Roms, DVDs or USB drives.
If the art file is under 20MB you can also email it to


   • Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign & Press-Quality PDF
   • Include both screen and printer fonts or convert to paths/outlines.
   • Be sure to include all imported or placed graphic files.
   • PhotoShop imports must be saved as (.psd in layers), (.eps), (.jpg 12), or (.tif) CMYK images.