LED Digital Billboard

Digital billboards are the new direction of outdoor advertising. They use the power of advanced technology to bring a better and faster way of reaching your customers through billboards. These billboards give your business the ability to have multiple ads on one billboard, as well as the ability to change these ads monthly, weekly, even daily. Make a lasting impression with our digital advertising opportunities.

LED Benefits

  • Huge savings on Vinyl Billboard costs ($600+dollars)
  • No damage replacement costs
  • Ad flashes every 60 seconds for optimum visibility
  • High traffic area – near Walmart in Bluffton on SR1 (23,000 daily traffic account)
  • Immediate campaign start time, no delays
  • Rotate or swap out your ad image with ease
  • Billboard ad artwork costs are minimal
  • Ability to change your ad depending on the weather (ice cream ad on a hot day, hot chocolate ad on a cold day)

Download RAM’s LED Price Sheet (PDF)

digital billboards


digital billboard
digital billboard